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Chakra Immersion

Into the Elements

weekend retreat with
Melinda Matzell & Megan-Mack Nicholson
July 30- August 4, 2023

Me and MM.HEIC

13 CE's available through Yoga Alliance

Reach out to Melinda or Megan-Mack with any questions!

Your guides

As your guides, Melinda & Megan-Mack create an open, joyful, sacred space to facilitate your unique journey. Honoring the pace of each individual with nourishing and supportive practices to encourage the growth and evolution of our collective spirit.

Melinda Matzell, E-RYT 200, YACEP, Sacred Centers Faculty, Founder of Chakra-Energetics, and the creator of From Earth to Enlightenment: The Chakra Game of Life™, offers tools to awaken the potential within our sacred centers, and lead a fuller more authentic life.

Megan-Mack Nicholson, Founder of Holon Healing is a Reiki-Shaman Master trainer and practitioner, Certified Forest Therapy Guide, YTT yoga instructor and Registered Maine Guide with over 20 years of facilitating groups and individuals to a deeper connection to self, each other and the natural environment.

Just being in nature is healing. As our tech driven lives move us further away from the natural world, we need to make time to spend outside with the elements. Within our systems we hold the energies of the earth, water, fire, air, sound, light and consciousness. When these forces are balanced within us, we enjoy greater equilibrium and well-being. Without that balance, it’s like we are lacking an essential part of our selves.

This weekend is that gift of time in nature that you need, to restore your center and revive your spirit. Join Shaman Reiki Master Megan-Mack, and Chakra-Energetics innovator Melinda for a Chakra Immersion: Into the Elements. Ground yourself in the nurturing energy of the EARTH with a Guided Forest Therapy Walk, as we integrate our senses with natures elements. Practice healing mudras by the pond to invoke the soothing qualities of WATER.
Journey by the sacred FIRE into a space of personal power and freedom. Allow the AIR to soften your heart and let love and compassion into your heart space. Explore SOUND to find your authentic expression. Learn to trust the LIGHT of insight and imagination, guided by grace, that surrounds you. And open to the flow of divine CONSCIOUSNESS.

With the chakras as our map, we will travel from root to crown, integrating yoga movement, mudras, energy medicine, breath work, Shamanic Journeying and time in nature, to invite in the restorative qualities of the elements.




Chakra-energetics Yoga

Forest Therapy Walk

Chakra Breathing

Pleasure of Presence Walk

Energy Medicine


Energy Medicine


Chakra Assessment

Sand Painting

Shamanic Journeying

July 30- August 4, 2023

Reach out to Melinda or Megan-Mack with any questions!

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Our Venue

Light on the Hill provides over 200 acres of sacred space to explore and discover whatever is calling you to inquire into.  Accommodations include private rooms, with shared hall baths, vegetarian, gluten free meals served in the dining room, and ample spaces, inside and out, to gather together or reflect alone.

Weather permitting, the retreat will include outdoor activities. Please bring appropriate clothing, and other items you may need, to be comfortable outdoors.

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