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Restorative Wednesdays

Rest, replenish, restore and let the healing begin!

Six weeks starting

October 21-November 25


6:30-7:45 PM

Online via Zoom



During this challenging time, it is vital that we create opportunities to drop into a place of deep relaxation. The restorative yoga practice teaches us to respect our bodies need to turn inward and detach from the stressors we are facing. When we allow ourselves to be supported and feel safe, the healing can begin.

The intention of the restorative practice is to tone our parasympathetic (rest and digest) response, by communicating with the body through our breath and mindful presence. You will be encouraged to be attentive to what you need to feel safe and supported, physically and emotionally.  By resisting the inclination to move toward the edge of your expansions, you allow yourself to find a place of comfort, peace, and deep relaxation.


Create a space you can remain uninterrupted for the duration of the practice. We will use easily available  household items to support your practice. If you have bolsters, zafus, and soft yoga blocks you can use those. Where there is space, there is an opportunity to support. Gather what you might need, including the suggested items in the list below.


Yoga mat

2 bed or couch pillows

2 bath towels

1-2 blankets

1 washcloth (to cover your eyes)


You are registering for 6 weeks of classes

Pay what you want for the classes you think you can attend. You will receive an email notification of a new series of classes every 6 weeks.

If you prefer you can pay with a personal check. Click the "Buy Now" button below and choose the "Send personal check" in the payment options pull down.

Please send your check to our mailing address:

PO Box 12, Brooktondale, NY 14817

Chakra-Energetics practices inspire the awakening to our full potential. By integrating energy medicine, mudras, breath work, and Chakra Yoga, into the traditional asana practice, natural healing and growth is inspired, as we evolve on our journey through our sacred centers.

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