Chakra-Energetics Yoga
sunday Love fest

online via Zoom
October 17 - December 5

11:30-12:45 AM


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Join me online starting October 10 for Chakra-Energetics Sunday Love Fest! Integrating the traditional aspects of the practice; pranayama, meditation, and asana, with energy medicine, and chakra yoga to create a deep connection to Self, and facilitate a space for healing.


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Om Namah Sivaya

Chakra-Energetics Yoga Sunday offering, affectionately named The Love Fest by the attending yogis, integrates yoga asanas with mudras and energy medicine to align the physical and subtle bodies, and amplify the healing effects of the practice.

Gather your mat and what props you might need. A large cushion or folded up bath towel can replace a yoga block to prop your seat and support your poses. It is always nice to have some support during final relaxation, so grab your favorite blanket and a wash cloth to cover your eyes.

Instruction will be given for varying levels of experience, making the practice appropriate for   beginning practitioners and advanced yogis. It is most important for you to honor your physical limitations.


You will be encouraged to listen to the wisdom of your body over the "should's" and expectations of your mind. One of the greatest gifts of the yoga practice is the integration of mind, body and spirit, the "union" of these energies is the definition of yoga. You will learn to  relate with the body, and its energy systems, in a language that functions beyond the confines of the mind. To understand the inherent wisdom is an essential step in our evolution.

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Chakra lined

Chakra-Energetics practices inspire the awakening to our full potential. By integrating energy medicine, mudras, breath work, and Chakra Yoga, into the traditional asana practice, natural healing and growth is inspired, as we evolve on our journey through our sacred centers.