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work privately with melinda

Let Melinda the Chakra Coach lead you on a journey of self discovery

Chakra Coaching

Looking at life's challenges through the lens of the chakra system

  • How do the challenges you are facing to your chakras?

  • Why does that matter?  

  • What do our sacred centers have to do with what is going on in our lives?


Looking at what may be coming up for us, through the lens of our sacred centers, helps get at the energetic source of our challenges. We often tend to rely on our mind to sort things out, but our issues are in our tissues! The energy of traumas we have faced, and difficulties we push aside, gets stuck in our energy field creating disturbance that obstructs the flow of life force. When our chakras are deprived of life force energy, we can feel and see the effects manifest as a physical pain or injury, or a mental or emotional difficulties. With simple accessible tools, like breath work, specific body movement and hand gestures (mudras), we can remove the energetic interference. When we do this, our energy centers receive more life force. This creates greater balance at an energetic level that we see and feel in the physical body as resolved issues and healing. In this more balanced state, awakening to our full potential becomes a more natural process.

Each session is 1.5-2 hours. This gives us time to integrate the appropriate Charka-Energetic tools and practices, and to discuss the aspects of what comes up as we clear energy interference and debris.

The practice is so essential during these challenging times. To make the practice more available, I am offering a sliding scale fee. If you need to arrange a payment plan, or other pricing options, please contact me

Individual Private Session

     Sliding Scale fee $75 - $125 per session

Private Session 6 Pack

     Sliding Scale fee $450 - $750


To schedule your session(s) please contact Melinda

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is right for you?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation

  • Chat with Melinda via phone or Zoom

  • Ask your specific questions about each program

  • Confidentially discuss your physical and emotional needs

  • Let Melinda describe the experience of working together

  • Choose the program that is right for you!

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