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Into the Subtle Realm

Indulge in a weekend of deep self-care. Attend to your
energetic body and cultivate a peaceful center from which
you can manifest strength and well-being. In this program
you'll learn to integrate the practices of Chakra Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, Therapeutic Mudras and guided meditations, to clear the energy that interferes with your awakening. In your re-awakened state, you are able to acknowledge who and what you truly are, a divine being of light with the capacity to embrace your full potential.


This weekend of awakening will include;

• An exploration of the aura, its relationship to the chakras and specific health conditions


• A renewed perspective of what it means to be grounded and methods to connect with  life force energy


• A ritual ceremony to clear energetic interference effecting your energetic boundaries, and welcome in the energy of an empowering intention


Return home in a more awakened state, with tools to support the continued to evolution of your energy systems toward homeostatic balance.

This will be my fourth time offering this program, and each time it just amazes me more. The awakening and healing experienced in one short weekend, speaks to the power of energy work, and to our incredible desire and innate capacity to heal.


Here's what past participants are saying about the program...

"Sometimes it takes experiencing something to recognize how much you needed it! Thank you." –Stephanie, Bloom Yoga Shreveport Co-owner

"I  wasn't familiar with the chakras so the entire weekend was a great learning experience." –Kripalu participant, Feb 2022

"Melinda is awesome! She is knowledgeable, kind, inclusive! She cares about questions and concerns. She radiates great positive energy." –Angelica, Shreveport participant

"I absolutely loved this program, I learned so much about myself and how to self-heal. Brought my meditaiton to a new level" –Kripalu participant, Feb 2022

"I loved the ceremony. I was able to release a negative experience that has caused so much guilt, shame, self loathing for over 12 years!"  –Kripalu participant, Feb 2022


"Melinda's workshop offered a safe space to explore the balance of energy within, while also understanding triggers, boundaries and the divine self - as it relates to our place between Heaven and Earth. Her style is gentle, but firm - allowing the student to push themselves toward growth, understanding and release. She leaves you wanting more, but gives you the tools to do so on your own." – Dina, Shreveport participant


"This experience has been eye opening to the power of our chakras. Melinda was amazing! Very patient and genuine!! I felt very comfortable and honored!" – Heather, Shreveport participant

"Immensely enjoyed each moment and aspect of this program. (Especially) the deep feeling of safety and ability to open myself to others and the ease of learning in this environment" –Kripalu participant, Feb 2022


"...I felt better this morning than I had for a long time! Hopefully coming out of depression, after taking care of my husband..." – Harriet, Shreveport participant

"I loved the program! It was beyond what I expected." –Kripalu participant, Feb 2022


"Melinda's knowledge, compassion and ability to deeply connect with participants brings healing to (a) whole new level - she re-ignited my desire to learn more & see my path with more clarity" –Angie, Shreveport participant

24 page guidebook included in your cost allowing you to apply these tools to continue your growth, awakening and healing!

Chakra Energetics_Guidebook Cover_2024.jpg

MARCH Dates for hybrid
online or in person workshop
coming soon!

Contact Melinda for more information

Learn tools to help you;

• Manage stress


• Manifest more of what you want in your life


• Connect  and integrate more life force energy


• Understand the practical implications of energy work

• Appreciate what the chakras are and their importance in our physical, 

   emotional and mental health.

Auric Fields diagram_wchakras.png
Mudra for Apana Vayu_6in_150.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 11.15.23 AM.png

Melinda Matzell Grannan, E-RYT 200, YACAP, is a Sacred Centers faculty member. She is the creator of Chakra-Energetics which integrates Chakra Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, Mudras, meditation journeys and traditional practices to create space that encourages an awakening to our full potential. Known for her open-hearted and innovative teaching style, Melinda's unique Chakra-Energetics experiences go beyond the physical, guiding a journey toward self-awareness.

Melinda is the author of From Earth to Enlightenment: Your Chakra Guide to Freedom and the creator of From Earth to Enlightenment: Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™. She also collaborated with her mentor, Anodea Judith, to create SHE RISES: Awakening Our Feminine Archetypes of Leadership


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