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work privately with melinda

Let Melinda the Chakra Choach lead you on a journey of self discovery

pRivate sessionS

One-on-one sessions focused on your particular needs!

  • Focus on the specific physical, emotional and spiritual intentions you have for your practice.

  • Collaborate to create a session or series of sessions that cater to the growth experience you are looking for 

  • Meet regularly and address, with a what is coming up for you with a diverse set of tools and practices. 

  • Advance your practice, and facilitate your personal growth and healing.

I so enjoy offering private sessions. When possible I come to you, so we can create a practice space for you in your home. During this period of social distancing, I am offering the private sessions via Zoom. I am finding that although we are not together in person, it is still possible to feel the energy between us and for me to effectively support you and your practice.

Each session is approximately 1.5 hours. This extra time gives us a chance to check in and allow the practice to address what is currently present for you. We also have time to integrate the appropriate Charka-Energetic tools and practices including; breath work, mudras, energy work, meditation and deep relaxation.

The practice is so essential during these challenging times. To make the practice more available, I am offering a sliding scale fee. If you need to arrange a payment plan, or other pricing options, please contact me

Individual Private Session

     Sliding Scale fee $60 - $75 per session

Private Session 6 Pack

     Sliding Scale fee $360 - $450


To schedule a session please contact Melinda

not sure this program

is right for you?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation

  • Chat with Melinda via phone or Zoom

  • Ask your specific questions about each program

  • Confidentially discuss your physical and emotional needs

  • Let Melinda describe the experience of working together

  • Choose the program that is right for you!

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