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From Earth to Enlightenment

Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™

Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™

From Earth to Enlightenment

Experience the journey!

If you are searching for a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here, let Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™ help you find the answers you have been searching for.


Saturday, April 8, 9:30-4:00

Light on the Hill Retreat Center, Van Etten, NY

This is a one day interactive workshop that will integrate;

light movement

energy work



personal inquiry

 interaction with your Soul Group

a delicious vegetarian lunch

You will also receive a Melinda's Chakra Game of Life ™ Guidebook

where you can capture what you discover, and the insights you receive.

This Guidebook can be used as a reference tool after the workshop

as you continue on your way, From Earth to Enlightenment

guided by the wisdom of your sacred centers.

We will gather around the gameboard, set our intentions, and together with our Soul Group, move forward with faith!

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I call it the game of life because it maps out our life's journey as we grow and evolve toward a more awakened state. It confronts us with the challenges we all face as we try to answer life's questions; Why am I here? What am I meant to do? What is my purpose? How can I serve? And it helps us discover that the answers to our questions are already, and have always been, right here inside us.

Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™ takes you on an exploration From Earth to Enlightenment facing challenges along the way and receiving sacred gifts. Our chakras hold the key to our destiny and wellness. As you travel from root to crown, you will discover the ways your behaviors and beliefs actually get in the way of your transformation and growth. You will uncover the inherent gifts of the chakras that support your work moving through challenges, as you begin to awaken to your unique life expression. You will learn remedies in the form of mudras, crystals, aromatherapy, yoga asanas, and affirmations that resolve your challenges, and offer a wholistic approach toward well-being.