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From earth to enlightenment chakra coaching program

Embark on a personal journey From Earth to Enlightenment or gather your Soul Group of friends or colleagues and take the journey of discovery together!

  • Take a journey of growth and evolution!

  • Dive into your sacred centers and discover the challenges and gifts you are meant to experience and receive. 

  • Restore life force and balance to your energy centers and feel the effects realized in your natural awakening.

  • Get out of your own way and realize the full life you are meant to live!

This is my signature program that I am thrilled to be able to offer to you.


Prior to each session, you will receive a PDF of reading material related to the chakra we will be working with. It is ideal that you read through the material before we meet.

The direction of our discussion will be greatly influenced by what you need, and what you bring to each session, so the only requirement is to be open and present and authentic to your process.

To center our attention and prepare us for our work, each session will include the following practices.

  • 20-30  minutes of movements to bring energy to the center we will be working with

  • Mudras specific to the intentions for growth and healing of each chakra

  • Breathing practices and inquiry exercises to clear energetic interference of life force energy

  • Unique exercises to encourage a deep connection and communication with our sacred centers


We will shed light on the challenges we are often not fully conscious of, and allow ourselves to receive the gifts, planted like divine seeds in our sacred centers, that guide our growth and transformation.

We will learn about remedies, including mudras, crystals, aromatherapy and affirmations, that support our healing and re-establish energetic circuitry to allow ourselves to receive the life force energy we are meant to.

The motivation we receive, as we more fully embody and discover our gifts, naturally awakens us to our purpose and inspires our unique life expression.

The 8 sessions in this series can be scheduled to meet your needs.

  • Are you anxious for growth? Let's meet once a week!

  • Do you like more time to integrate the learning? We can meet once a month or every other week. Whatever works for you!

  • (Please note, the series must completed within one year.)


Each session is approximately 2 hours. This gives us time to integrate the appropriate Charka-Energetic tools and practices, and to discuss the aspects of what comes up as we clear energy interference and debris.

The practice is so essential during these challenging times. To make the practice more available, I am willing to offer a sliding scale fee. If you need to arrange a payment plan, or other pricing options, please contact me

8 Week Private Series


8 Week series gRoup rate*


* You must be part of a group of at least 3 people to qualify for the Group Rate

Ready to Take the first step?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation 

  • Chat with Melinda via phone or Zoom

  • Discuss your intentions for your journey

  • Ask your specific questions about the program

  • Confidentially discuss your physical and emotional needs

  • Let Melinda describe the experience of working together

  • Choose the schedule that works for you!

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