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Here is a video of one of my favorite classes, "Cultivating A Loving Presence". Enjoy!
Om Namah Sivaya

This is a unique challenge that we are facing, but like all challenges it  offers us unique opportunities. It is interesting to me, that although we are practicing social distancing, in my heart I feel so open and close to all of you. This is when I am most grateful for some of the aspects of society that I/we struggle against; social media, the internet, television, sources that allow us to be 'in touch' with one another and give us access to important information. This surreal experience can offer us a renewed perspective - about everything.

We are being forced to slow down, stay home, giving us an opportunity to appreciate the spaces we live in and to create more sacredness in our lives.

We are facing tremendous loss - on all levels - giving us an opportunity to appreciate what we have and to be grateful and present to each precious moment.

We have to distance ourselves from one another, giving us an opportunity to inquire deeper within, to strengthen our convictions, evaluate our focus, and define our purpose.

I recognize the challenges for families to now figure out how to all be home together, feed their kids 3 meals a day, try to work from home while supporting your children through a crisis, and how to pay for it all. It really breaks my heart to think about it.

I want to offer what I can, what has helped me through so many challenges in my life, the practice. I will be offering at least 2 online classes a week at our usual class times, Wednesdays 7-8:15 PM and Sundays 12:30-1:45 PM, let's try to maintain some sort of normalcy.

I will also be putting together online workshops, to share practices to deal with stress and maintain well being, and programs to support your inquiry practices.

We have a choice to make, how do we want - not only to manage ourselves during this crisis - but how do we want to emerge on the other side. Let's use our time together to create an image of strength and wellness, of open hearted acceptance for one another, of empathy and compassion - that is the growth that is possible as we accept the challenge facing us and move forward.

Om Namah Sivaya -

I feel the power in those words more now than ever -


In love and faith,



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