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Become a Facilitator

for Melinda's Chakra Game Of LIFE™

As a facilitator, you will be able to run your own Melinda’s Chakra Game of Life™ programs, anywhere you like! And keep the proceeds from your workshops.

Can we teach the concept of awakening? I believe we do so by bringing awareness to the ways we get in our own way, and then by offering simple tools to dissolve the energetic interference that stands in the way of our becoming. This is the intention of Melinda’s Chakra Game of Life™.

Melinda’s Chakra Game of Life™ is a unique experience that takes us on a journey of awakening to our inherent potential, and to what we may need to shift in order to

allow our gifts to be more fully realized in our lives.


As we do in our physical and psychological development, we start at the root chakra and discover what is getting in the way of us fully embodying our human vehicle. Just as in life, obstacles show up unexpectedly and end up being powerful teachers.

We realize talents and abilities that have been pushed down or unrecognized, and we begin to expand the limiting ideas we have for ourselves.


1) Host or attend a Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™ workshop (cost varies based on location)

2) Assist Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™ (Free)

                      3) Chakra Yoga Teacher Training     OR     From Earth to Enlightenment Chakra Coaching Program

                                              ($575)                                         ($625 Group Program Fee* $1200 for Private Mentorship) 

   4) A one time Professional Fee of $950 to cover the cost of your game board, cards and custom chakra game tote!


Facilitator training Options & Cost

(+host or attend workshop cost)

Total Cost with Chakra Yoga Teacher Training ($575) + Professional Fee ($950): $1525

Total Cost with From Earth to Enlightenment Coaching

Group Program Fee ($625) + Professional Fee ($850): $1475

Total Cost with From Earth to Enlightenment Coaching 

Private Mentorship Program ($1200) + Professional Fee ($850): $2050

* You must be part of a group of at least 3 people to receive the Group Program Fee Rate

for the Chakra-Energetics From Earth to Enlightenment Coaching

upcoming Training Dates

Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™ Weekend Workshop

Dates TBD

Request dates for to host Melinda's Chakra Game of Life™ workshop in your own studio!

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Chakra Yoga

Teacher Training

April 14-19, 2024

Kripalu Center for

Yoga & Health

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From Earth to Enlightenment

 Personal Mentorship Program

Personal Mentorship Program dates

available starting May 1, 2024.

Contact Melinda to arrange your 

8 session schedule!

(Must be completed within a year of starting date)

Learn More

Are you to lead your own Chakra Journey?

email Melinda to discuss dates and details!

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