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Chakra-Energetics is a unique blend of yoga asanas, energy medicine and yoga mudras that enhance the energetic effects of the yoga practice on our physical body and energetic systems. Integrated into the mat practice, the energy practices and mudras, along with channeled guidance,

create a deep experience of healing and Self discovery.

It is the intention of the practice to empower the practitioner

by facilitating the discovery and evolution of the Self.

Om Namah Sivaya

The practice of yoga did not come naturally to me. I was not a bendy person.

I was not athletic or very attentive to my body as a young person. I was more interested in art and the magical journeys I created for myself.

It turns out, yoga has been the most magical journey of all.

Yes it has changed my body, making it more flexible and strong,

but more than that, by the grace of the Guru, yoga has transformed me as person. The yoga practice has opened my mind and my heart, and has helped me realize who I am and what I am capable of. The practice of yoga goes beyond the physical body, if we can allow it, to a transformational journey of the soul.

The yoga I teach embodies the spirit of the great teachers and practices I have studied. Woven together like a tapestry, I offer tools to better communicate with the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies in order to access your authentic Self. This amazing vehicle we embody, with all its challenges and limitations, is a gift our soul choose for this journey, to learn what we are meant to learn and to serve as we are meant to serve. This is what the practice helps us discover,

who we are and the divine assignment we are here to accomplish.

I am so grateful to be able to share the magic of yoga and to encourage others to embark on a journey of self-discovery. The classes I teach are informal and open to discussion and questions while maintaining a reverence for the practice and the individual experience. I believe a yoga practice benefits not only the practitioner, but also our communities and our world, by guiding us to a place

of deeper compassion and mindfulness.

By the grace of the Guru Swami Sivananda

Om Namah Sivaya

I honor all you are capable

of becoming

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