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Energy Medicine Yoga

Energy Medicine Yoga weaves Yoga together the Energy work of Donna Eden to create an empowering practice that, done regularly, promises to increase your vitality, emotional resiliency, health and happiness!

Introduction to Energy Medicine Yoga

In the 6 week introduction series, we will begin to explore the energy systems of the body. You will learn simple tools to keep your energy systems humming and evolving to better support you in your current environment. The series is designed to give you direct experiences of the energy systems, and an understanding of how to work with them to optimize your health and well being.

Week 1: Aura and Celtic Weave - Exploration of the patterns of energy and the field beyond the physical body
Week 2: Chakras - Exercises to explore the 7 energy centers and tools to balance the chakras
Week 3: Meridians and Electrics - Introduction to the meridian system and simple exercises to enhance the flow of energy
Week 4: Triple Warmer - A deeper exploration of the Triple Warmer meridian with specific practices to reduce the stress response
Week 5: Radiant Circuits - Energize your wiring system to circulate more joy, happiness and radiant health
Week 6: Five Elements - Techniques to access and balance the 5 Elements within us

No previous yoga experience or understanding of energy medicine is necessary to attend.


Appropriate for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of how energy effects you and wants to be empowered on a path to better health and well being.

These practices have brought me incredible healing on both a physical and emotional level and I am thrilled to be able to bring them to you!


Get Grounded

Join me for a day immersed in nature and connect deeply with the healing power of the earth.


  • Morning meditation by the pond

  • Asana practice exploring your lifelong connection to the earth

  • private tie to reflect and  journal


  • Lite vegetarian and gluten free (included)

       Movie and discussion about the health benefits of Grounding

  • Mudra Practice

  • Journey

  • Afternoon Mudra Practice

  • Journey Meditation

  • Closing Reflection

Weekly Series

Private or Semi-private sessions

Energy Medicine Yoga can also be offered as a weekly series and or in private sessions geared specifically

to your individual needs.

Regular practice has a cumulative effect and can be very helpful in addressing chronic conditions.


As we attend to the energy systems

of the body, we help the body evolve

to face the challenges of our present

day environment, and our overall health and balance can improve.

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