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CHAKRA-ENERGETICS: Self care series
Manage Stress - Activate Joy!

Become an active participant in how your story unfolds

9-4, Saturday, April 23, 2022

In partnership with
Rasa Spa, Ithaca

Feeling scattered?

Lost your joy?

Stress taken over your life?

Forgotten what peace feels like?

Tired of trying to figure it all out?


In this workshop you will learn simple energy practices to empower you to better manage stress and bring you back to center.


It is impossible to eliminate all the stressors from our lives, but there are ways to modify the way we react to them. By learning to communicate with ourselves and our energy, we can shift away from a stress response, that can be so damaging on both a physical and emotional level, and return to a peaceful center.  

Toxins in our environment, work and family pressures, unpredictable political environments, not to mention pandemics, have put our systems on overload! Our energy has not evolved enough to face all that is coming at us, but we can change that! We can learn to communicate with our energy and support our own evolution. We can adapt the way we react and respond by leaning the language of energy.

When facing stress and dis-ease, it is just as important to stimulate our energy system that circulates the energy of joy and bliss, as it is to activate our capacity to defend. We are hard wired for joy and we can learn ways to activate that system!

The simple tools you will learn in this workshop will empower to;

Reclaim your scattered energy

Activate the circuits of joy and bliss

Calm your stress response

Get out of your head and back to your body

Return to a peaceful center


GF, vegetarian lunch included. Space is very limited. Register early!

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Melinda Matzell Grannan, E-RYT 200, YACAP, is a Sacred Centers faculty member. She is the creator of Chakra-Energetics which integrates Chakra Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga, Mudras, meditation journeys and traditional practices to create space that encourages an awakening to our full potential. Known for her open-hearted and innovative teaching style, Melinda's unique Chakra-Energetics experiences go beyond the physical, guiding a journey toward self-awareness.

Melinda is the author of From Earth to Enlightenment: Your Chakra Journey Guide to Freedom! and the creator of From Earth to Enlightenment: Melinda's Chakra Journey Game™


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