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sunday Love fest
Exploring the niyamas

January 9 - February 13
11:30 AM - 12:45 pM

Chakra lined

LIVE Classes Online via Zoom

The Niyamas give us a path to our higher selves. We can use these principles as reminders that guide us toward a more yogic lifestyle, one that honors our commitment to our spiritual evolution. I also see the Niyamas as supporting us finding and setting boundaries and limits around our actions and behaviors. 


Saucha supports us making better decisions around what we bring, not only into our bodies, but into our lives in general. Will that action, word or deed sustain our peaceful center or pull us off center?

Santosha encourages us to consider our own contentment, not to be complicated by happiness. Contentment is deeper and comes from a sense of knowing deep within, that all is well. Working with Santosha helps us understand this.

Tapas is about restraint and discipline. You might ask how does that lead to Santosha, contentment? Tapas can teach us how to honor our boundaries and limits. When we listen, and gain a deeper understanding of what is our healthy capacity, we are able to say no when it is appropriate and take on the things that really feed our soul.

Svadhyaya practice opens us to our own inner wisdom by encouraging us to look inside ourselves for the answers to the questions we seek. With deep inquiry we access not only the depth of our own intelligence, but we gain access to the infinite wisdom of the universe.

Isvara Pranidhana is that surrender it takes when we acknowledge that we are not in it all alone. It is the peaceful ease that comes from knowing that a higher power is supporting and guiding us with every step.

Please join me as we explore these paragons of yogic wisdom. Return to center and elevate your sense of what is important to you and for you as you start the new year.

Om Namah Sivaya

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Chakra-Energetics practices inspire the awakening to our full potential. By integrating energy medicine, mudras, breath work, and Chakra Yoga, into the traditional asana practice, natural healing and growth is inspired, as we evolve on our journey through our sacred centers.

Chakra-Energetics Yoga Sunday offering, affectionately named The Love Fest by the attending yogis, integrates yoga asanas with mudras and energy medicine to align the physical and subtle bodies, and amplify the healing effects of the practice.

Gather your mat and what props you might need. A large cushion or folded up bath towel can replace a yoga block to prop your seat and support your poses. It is always nice to have some support during final relaxation, so grab your favorite blanket and a wash cloth to cover your eyes.

Instruction will be given for varying levels of experience, making the practice appropriate for   beginning practitioners and advanced yogis. It is most important for you to honor your physical limitations.


You will be encouraged to listen to the wisdom of your body over the "should's" and expectations of your mind. One of the greatest gifts of the yoga practice is the integration of mind, body and spirit, the "union" of these energies is the definition of yoga. You will learn to  relate with the body, and its energy systems, in a language that functions beyond the confines of the mind. To understand the inherent wisdom and is an essential step in our evolution.

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