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Awakening Our Female Archetypes of Leadership

38 Archetype Card Deck

Written by Anodea Judith, Artwork by Melinda Matzell

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Practice with melinda Now

15-30 minute practices to center yourself and energize your spirit!

Let Melinda the Chakra Coach lead you on a journey of a lifetime

From Earth to Enlightenment

Looking at life's challenges through the lens of the chakra system

  • How can the challenges you are facing be supported by your chakras?

  • Why does that matter?  

  • What do our sacred centers have to do with what is going on in our lives?



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Chakra-Energetics is a unique blend of yoga asanas, energy practices, mudras and breath work that enhance the energetic effects of the practice on our physical body and energy systems. Integrated into the mat practice,

the energy practices and mudras, along with channeled guidance, create a deep experience of healing and self discovery.

The intention of the practice is to facilitate a sense of  full embodiment which empowers us to realize our purpose and enables us to live our life at full capacity!

Melinda Matzell Grannan

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