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Chakra-Energetics is a unique blend of yoga asanas, energy practices, mudras and breath work that enhance the energetic effects of the practice on our physical body and energy systems. Integrated into the mat practice,

the energy practices and mudras, along with channeled guidance, create a deep experience of healing and self discovery.

The intention of the practice is to facilitate a sense of  full embodiment which empowers us to realize our purpose and enables us to live our life at full capacity!

Melinda Matzell Grannan

From Earth to Enlightenment

Take a journey of personal growth and evolution! Dive into your chakras

and discover the challenges and gifts you are meant to experience and receive. 

Restore life force and balance to your energy centers and feel the effects realized

in your natural awakening. Get out of your own way and realize the full life you are meant to live!

I am thrilled to offer you this, my signature program. A personal chakra journey taking you up the sacred channel From Earth to Enlightenment. You set the pace, taking plenty of time to integrate the leaning and practices from each session.  Understand the purpose of working with your chakras, and the potential for healing and awakening they hold. Receive unlimited support from Melinda the Chakra Coach during your life changing adventure through your sacred centers!



personal mentorship program


pRivate session

One-on-one sessions focused on your particular needs!

Private sessions are a great way to focus on the specific physical, emotional and spiritual intentions you have for your practice. We can collaborate to create a session or series of sessions that cater to the growth experience you are looking for, or meet regularly to address what is coming up for you.  Whether you are new to yoga or a returning practitioner, private sessions are very effective in advancing your practice, and facilitating your personal growth and healing.


Chakra coaching

Look at life's challenges through the lens of the chakra system

How does what you might be dealing with, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually relate to your chakras? Why does that matter? What do our sacred centers have to do with what is going on in our lives? EVERYTHING!!

not sure what is right for you?

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation

  • Chat with Melinda via phone or Zoom

  • Ask your specific questions about each program

  • Confidentially discuss your physical and emotional needs

  • Let Melinda describe the experience of working together

  • Choose the program that is right for you!


work privately with melinda

Let Melinda the Chakra Choach lead you on a journey of self discovery

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