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Written by Anodea Judith, Artwork by Melinda Matzell


Awaken your feminine superpowers through discovering 38 archetypes of women’s leadership. Meet the three fates as Spinner, Weaver, and Cutter. Learn about ancient role models, such as the Priestess, the Oracle, or the Midwife, as well as emerging archetypes, such as the Activist, the Diva, or the Stateswoman.


Each beautifully-illustrated card is described as I, She, and You. The “I” voice speaks directly from the archetype in evocative poetry, bringing her message to the world. The “She” section tells you all about that archetype, such as her role in history and her status in the world today. The “You” section offers guidance and wisdom for your work and personal life.


Don’t let your gifts as a woman remain dormant! Allow these archetypes to awaken the hidden powers within you!

She Rises Card Deck


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